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"Dean Wallace & The Black Flames" is a brand new Heavy-Rock project, created and led by Dean Wallace, which had already released a solo album in 2014. With more than 4,500 monthly listeners on Spotify only five months after the release of first single, we can say that this new project is full of potential.

Dean Wallace is a metal guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer whose music, breathtaking and majestic like the scenery of his home in the French Alps, is menacingly clear with its message: F**k trends, be yourself! Mixing progressive elements with a gritty growl and superb technical prowess, Dean Wallace has a devout passion for music, and has devoted his whole life to this artform. His one and only goal is to give the audience the finest and most honest songs possible.

Dean started music at six years old with a few piano lessons , but it was a Metallica video on MTV that changed the course of his life at the age of thirteen. Citing James Hetfield and Freddie Mercury as the finest frontmen ever, Dean is influenced by metal greats like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Iron Maiden, but he is also a big fan of Queen, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. In 2015, Birmingham (UK) based label Tinplho Records signed Dean and he moved to London to pursue his career. His debut album "Metal Family'' received great critical acclaim on the European metal scene on its release.

Faced with the difficulties known by many bands (lack of money, communication and success), Dean decided to return to the Alps in 2017 to start a new life. It was during the Covid epidemic and the enforced confinements that the desire to compose resurfaced. In his home studio, he began to produce new songs, and his new inspirations encouraged him to superimpose metal with other genres such as blues, pop and funk. Proud of his creations, Dean decided to give it another shot and put his new project on the rails. Surrounded by his band (The Black Flames), his manager, his label and his booking agency, Dean Wallace is now ready to hit the stage and make a lot of noise! The next EP "New World Disorder", which will be released on April 9, 2024, is perfect for fans of Metallica, Megadeth, Nickelback ...

Music & Videos :


New World Disorder EP (2024)

Metal Family LP (Solo album 2014)


Press & Radio

Radio broadcasts

"See What I'm All About" broadcasted on national french radio station RTL2
(January 2023)

"New World Disorder" broadcasted on local french radio station PLAYLIST
(August 2023)

Songs of the new EP "New World Disorder" are broadcasted daily on british web radio AMAZING RADIO. "Jack The Ripper" has been added to their HEADBANGERS BALL playlist - (February 2024)


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Reviews on 1st album "Metal Family" (2014)

« This is one of the best CDs I have reviewed for Sonic Abuse so far. 'Metal Family' is a classic heavy metal album. Really enjoyable and highly recommanded. » - Sonic Abuse (UK)

« From beginning to end, the 10 songs are performed at an impressive level of mastery. Very good debut album, a great discovery and a band to follow, definitely. » - Pavillon 666 (France)

« Dean Wallace's songs are awesome. (...) We wish him a lot of success, he has a bright musical future ahead. » Rock Metal Mag (France)

« It's a fine piece of agressive sounding Heavy Metal with influences of Speed-Thrash genres, and one worth checked out » Fireworks magazine (UK)

« Dean's voice certainly has all the traits and skills of a truly metal frontman. The quality of the riffs are superb. You can see the achievement in composing and especially the technique. A must listen. » The Black Planet (Portugal)

« Metal Family is a sturdy and successful album, which proves to be addictive after a few plays. The powerful and bright sound reveals the perfection of the songs. » Music in Belgium

« This album is a huge surprise. (...) His straight ahead heavy metal takes all ten of these menacing tracks and mashes them into a fantastically melodic yet sharp-sided lump.» - Metalliville (UK)

« 'Metal Family' is a damn fine album to be fair and thoroughly enjoyable. (...) Dean Wallace has a deep pool of talent making it exciting to see what he'll pull out in the future. » - Uber Rock (UK)

« With this album, Dean Wallace achieved an impressive business card. The man is gifted and seems able to play any kind of heavy metal. With a record of this quality,Wallace looks set for a bright future, and we'll follow him very closely.» Music waves (France)

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Direct Phone : +33 (0)7 83 14 95 37
Direct Email : deanwallace.official@gmail.com
Manager - Ville Leppanen : ville@theanimalfarm.co.uk
Label - The Animal Farm Music : pfannela@gmail.com
Booking agency - Deadwave Records : deadwaverecords@hotmail.com